Data Driven

Use Reliable Data to Inform and Improve Practice

Parents, the public, and policymakers deserve access to reliable and digestible student and school performance data.  Some portion of state or local funding should consider student outcomes in order to move towards meaningful and sustainable student performance improvement. Meaningful and accurate data can be used to increase transparency and improve accountability.


Why does Nebraska need to act?

Certain schools and districts in Nebraska are far outperforming others, based on student performance data, even when controlling for demographic differences.  Until we consider such data, we cannot effectively or efficiently identify or replicate what works best for students.  


We Support:
  • Building Accountable Systems that Lead to System-Wide Improvement
  • Empowering Parents with Data that Measures Student Learning
  • Fair and Accurate Reports on School and District Performance
  • Incorporating an Outcome Based Funding Model to Reward and Drive Success