Excellent Educators

Support Great Teachers and School Leaders

Great teachers are the most important in-school factor to student success. Great school leaders empower teachers to be their best. Working with outstanding educators, we will promote practices that improve how Nebraska recruits, supports, retains and rewards great teachers and school leaders.


Why does Nebraska need to act? 

According to the National Council on Teacher Quality, only 3 states perform worse than Nebraska in the category of 21st Century Teaching Force. Nebraska earned the following grades: Well-Prepared Teachers (F), Expanding Pool of Teachers (D-), Identifying Effective Teachers (D), Retaining Effective Teachers (D+), Exiting Ineffective Teachers (F).  


We Support:
  • Connecting Teachers Directly to Policymakers
  • Directing a Larger Percentage of K-12 Funding Towards Teacher Salaries
  • Developing and Supporting Strong School Leaders
  • Meaningful Educator Evaluations that Weigh Student Performance and Improvement and Recognize Effectiveness
  • Placing Effective Teachers in High Need Schools
  • Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding Great Teachers
  • Strengthening the Educator Pipeline