Accurate Data is Key

Not all data is created equal. Educate Nebraska’s Cameron Gales explains.

Charter School Accountability

What happens when students aren’t learning and a school fails to improve year after year? The answer may depend on whether that school is a traditional school or a public charter school.

Why Such Resistance to Charter Schools in Nebraska?

Educate Nebraska’s board member, Gwenn Aspen, discusses the mindset that prevents opening the door to charter schools in Nebraska.

High Expectations for English Language Learners

Educate Nebraska Board Member, Franceline Bostrom, on why schools must have high expectations for all students, regardless of whether English is their parents’ native language.

The Value of a Diploma

Educate Nebraska Board of Advisor member, Cameron Gales, on why we must raise the bar to benefit students.

The Learning Community: A Misguided Reform?

Is a controversial policy accomplishing its purpose by improving the quality of K-12 education available to poor students in Omaha? Educate Nebraska’s executive director, Katie Linehan, discusses the Learning Community.

Income Should Not Determine Choice

Educate Nebraska Board Member, Mariama Issoufou, on income and school choice.

The Importance of a High Quality Education for Every Child

Educate Nebraska Board Member, Gwenn Aspen, discusses why every child, regardless of background, deserves a high quality education and the opportunity to succeed in life.

How American Schools Compare

Educate Nebraska’s Board Member, Franceline Bostrom, discusses her younger sister’s learning experience while attending a Nebraska school.